Mystical Meteora, Greece

Whenever you think of Greece, it’s often overshadowed by Greece’s other superstars – Delphi, Athens, Thessoloniki and then there are islands such as Crete, Mykonos, Santorini. Meteora is one of Greece’s best kept secrets and guess what – until 2008, I did not know it existed.
Meteora located in Northern Greece, near the city of Trikala, is more than a valley of impressive pointy-topped mountainous rocks. Meteora reminds you that you’ve stepped into another time, a different lifestyle and perhaps an alien culture. The name is from the word, Meteorite and means “in the heavens”.
What’s unique about Meteora’s dwelling is that you’ll find monasteries atop the tips of the rocks or you may spot hermit caves cut into rocks like swiss cheese. For hermits, the cave dwellings were homes that allowed one to escape the material world and find communion with God.
Today as a UNESCO site and it’s the stronghold of the monasteries that keeps the sanctuary preserved and the rest of the world from rushing in.