As said my Master: “Everything is light“.
The Master seems was true. Because everything we can see around us, is due to visible light. The light, which a man is able to see without the technology or tools. And thus the Nature given ability to see, makes our lives so interesting and colorful.

Visible light, which a man can be see with the naked eye, gives us a lot of beautiful views – both natural and urban environments, or gaze at landscapes into the distance, as well as at beautiful flowers in close-up.
Photography is my hobby for a long time. More seriously I turned to photography some years ago when I bought my first DSLR camera. Since then I have had time to learn the new skills and remember things that were well forgotten. In my photos mostly dominated landscapes, urban architecture, flowers, and close-ups. I hope you will enjoy the photos on my website. Cheers!


Nature photography masterclass „Photography in promotion and preservation of natural heritage“, 6-12th of June 2013, Verevi-Vapramäe-Vitipalu-Soomaa-Valguta-Palupõhja in Estonia.”

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